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Europe’s Leading Conference For EV Battery Second Life: Uniting Industry Pioneers, Innovators, And Experts – Join Us In Sep 2024!

Empower sustainability and discover breakthroughs in EV Battery Second Life. Secure your spot at our 2024 conference!

Welcome to the EV Battery Second Life Conference Europe! Building on the resounding success of previous events on Battery Thermal Management and Advanced Battery Technologies across Europe and North America, EVBSLC EUROPE emerges as the foremost technical conference dedicated exclusively to advancing the future of battery recycling and engineering within the EV industry.

Set in the vibrant city of Stuttgart, Germany, this summit brings together a diverse array of technical experts from across Europe and beyond. Together, they will provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges driving battery second life, repurposing vs recycling, regulation, innovation, second life applications and more. Through insightful analysis, innovative solutions, and live demonstrations on the exhibit floor, attendees will gain valuable insights into the cutting-edge developments shaping the industry.

Our meticulously curated agenda, developed in close collaboration with OEMs and Bellwether Organizations, addresses the critical challenges and emerging trends. As industry leaders, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled experience that fosters collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange.

Join us as we unite industry leaders, innovators, and experts in battery second life trends, technology and innovation. With participation from major European vehicle manufacturers, this summit serves as a unique platform to explore the latest advancements, forge meaningful connections, and drive collaboration.

Through our longstanding relationships with the global OEM community and close consultation with leading material, solution, and technology providers, we ensure that our events attract the highest caliber of attendees.

EV Battery Second Life Conference Europe 2024 will take place in Stuttgart, Germany, on Sep 26th, offering a dynamic one-day program packed with insights, networking opportunities, and visionary discussions.

Join over 400 senior engineers, thought leaders, and visionaries as we delve into the challenges and technologies shaping the future of battery recycling.

Don’t miss your chance to be at the forefront of innovation in the xEV battery ecosystem!

Unleash Cutting-Edge Wisdom From Industry Titans And Visionaries

Embark On A Journey Of Discovery: Dive Into The Hottest Trends In EV Second Life 

Ignite Connections At The Ultimate Networking Soiree For EV Battery Second Life Maestros

Step Into The Future: Witness A Spectacular Showcase Of Second Life Innovations, Materials, And Solutions

Embark on a journey with a technical-led agenda forged in collaboration: painstakingly researched and co-designed with leading OEMs, aimed at tackling the pressing challenges and expansive opportunities of Battery Second Life.

Unlocking the potential of Battery Second Life: Let’s redefine sustainability, efficiency, and resourcefulness.

| Conference Topics

Repurposing vs. Recycling: The conference will explore the benefits of repurposing electric vehicle (EV) batteries compared to recycling them. Repurposing is presented as a potentially more beneficial option due to its ability to generate additional revenue, reduce waste management costs, and contribute to lowering the total cost of manufacturing and operating EVs.

Lifecycle Value Maximization: Maximizing the lifecycle value of EV batteries is a central theme. The conference will discuss how repurposing extends the useful life of batteries beyond their initial use in vehicles, thereby increasing their overall economic value.

Market Evolution and Growth: The conference will highlight the evolving market for repurposing EV batteries, indicating both challenges and opportunities. As more EVs reach the end of their lifecycle, attention shifts to handling their batteries, creating a growing market for repurposing.

Battery Chemistry and Types: Different battery chemistries, such as lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and nickel manganese cobalt (NMC), will be discussed in terms of their suitability for repurposing. Understanding battery chemistry is crucial for determining the economic feasibility of recycling versus repurposing.

Raw Material Prices and Supply Chain: The conference addresses the impact of raw material prices on battery manufacturing and the supply chain. It discusses the surge in global raw material prices and the need for strategies such as repurposing to hedge against price fluctuations and ensure a reliable supply for energy storage providers.

Second-Life Applications: Second-life applications for EV batteries, such as stationary systems and grid support, are explored. These applications represent opportunities for repurposing batteries beyond their original use in vehicles.

Integrated Battery Ecosystem: The conference emphasizes the importance of developing an integrated battery ecosystem to support repurposing initiatives. Examples of integrated ecosystems from various regions, including Europe, the US, China, and Japan, will be provided.

Economic and Technical Challenges: The challenges associated with repurposing, including economic viability, scalability, and technical issues such as predicting battery life expectancy, are discussed. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for the success of repurposing initiatives.

Regulatory Landscape: Regulatory factors, such as the EU’s new battery regulation requiring battery passports, are highlighted as important considerations for the development of the repurposing market. Regulations can both facilitate and hinder the growth of repurposing initiatives.


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As the leading platform for EV Battery Second Life advancements, our conference brings together top experts, researchers, and industry leaders in the field of EV battery second life innovation. This is your chance to share your breakthroughs, network with key players, and drive collaboration in the rapidly evolving Battery Second Life landscape.

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Build meaningful connections and collaborations with leading experts, decision-makers, and potential customers in the Battery Second Life field. Our conference provides ample networking opportunities, including dedicated networking breaks, receptions, and one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders.

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Stay ahead of the competition by gaining access to the latest market trends, research findings, and technological advancements in the Battery Second Life industry. Our conference offers a diverse range of sessions covering various aspects of Battery Second Life, providing valuable insights for your business strategy.

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| Exhibitor Categories

Automotive OEMs

Battery Manufacturers

Recycling Facilities

Technology Providers

Logistics and Transportation

Research and Development Firms

Consulting Firms

Battery Reuse Companies

Energy Storage Companies

Renewable Energy Providers

Environmental NGOs

Government Agencies and Utilities

Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Grid Operators

Microgrid Developers

Backup Power Solution Providers

Off-grid Power Suppliers

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Companies

Solar Energy System Installers

Wind Power Developers

Energy Management Software Providers

Energy Efficiency Consultants

Home Energy Management Companies

Academic Institutions

Renewable Energy Policy Advocates

Nonprofit Organizations

Home Energy Management Companies

Industrial Energy Solutions Providers

Smart Grid Technology Developers

Electric Vehicle Fleet Operators

Sustainable Transportation Companies

Remote Area Power Suppliers

Telecommunications Infrastructure Companies

Emergency Response and Disaster Relief Agencies

Rural Electrification Organizations

Sustainable Development Initiatives

Community Energy Projects

Green Building Construction Firms

Research and Development Organizations

| Leading OEMs & Battery Developers Present At Our Events In 2024

Battery Technologists, Leading & Emerging OEMs, Cell manufacturers, Pack Integrators :

Lucid Motors, Rivian, ONE | Our Next Energy, Tesla, Ford, GM, Stellantis, Amazon, BDTRONIC, Apple, Lyft, AVL, BMW, Google, BrightVolt, JLR, BYD, CATL, Clarios, Cummins, NIO, SERES, MAHINDRA AUTOMOTIVE NORTH AMERICA, Custom Cells, Daimler, EaglePicher, Samsung, EnerSys, BYTON, ENOVIX, Uber, EnPower, EoCell, Polestar, Canoo, Factorial, FISKER, First National Battery, Fluence, Gogoro, Gotion, CARESOFT, Group14, GS Yuasa, Harley Davidson, Honda, Hyundai, John Deere, LG, MATHWORKS, Lion Electric, Mercedes Benz, Milwaukee Tool, Mitsubishi, Natron Energy, Nissan, Panasonic, Polaris, PolyPlus, Porsche America, QuantumScape, Robert Bosch, Rolls Royce, SAFT, Sion Power, SIONIC Energy, DUPONT, Solid Power, Solid State Battery, TRUMPF, South 8 Technologies, Lamborghini, StoreDot, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, Teledyne, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Toyota, Triathlon Batterien, Volkswagen, Volvo, Yokohama, AMPCERA, ASPEN AEROGELS, Ferrarri, AVERY DENNISON, BASF, A123 Systems, ABB, Daimler Truck North America, Morgan Advanced Materials, SCANIA, Total Energies, Wevo Chemical Advanced Battery.. and many more!

| Job Title Cross Section Signed Up This Year

CEO / Founder / Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Innovation Officer, COO, Director, Director of Business Development, Director of Business Team, Executive Director, Head, Innovation Consultant, Manager, Managing Director, Managing Director of Operations, President, Principal Scientist, Process Engineer & Deputy Director, Product Manager, Program Analyst, Research Associate, Researcher, Senior Process Development Engineer, Technical Principal, Technology Analyst

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